The Gallery Anatolia, situated between the breathtaking fairy chimneys in the village of Göreme. A little village in the intriguing region of Cappadocia, the heartland of the tradition and artwork of Anatolian handmade carpets and kilims.

The gallery was first established in the year 1960, by the carpet weavers and producers of the village Göreme. Over the years, expanding its operations, the gallery today not only weaves, but having begun exportation, is now a regional leader, in trying to meet the demands of the western world.

Today, in addition to the weaving, the gallery spins and prepares its own wool, does the natural vegetable dyeing, the extraction of the silk from its cocoon and the weaving of traditional kilims, carpets and silk carpets all on the premises.

The Gallery Anatolia today employs nearly 70 people within its departments on the premises. It covers nearly 2500 sq. meters in its new multi-level space inside the village. Approved by the Turkish Ministry of Education there is also a carpet and kilim weaving class where the students are taught both forms of weaving, natural vegetable dyeing techniques, silk extraction and the traditional Anatolian motifs along with the meanings behind them.

We especially take great pride in our special projects in which we weave carpets of specific regions which have been lost and/or forgotten over the years. One of the most popular of these projects are the world famous Oushak carpets which have been a highlight and inspiration point for painters of the renaissance era.

In order to help inspire, revive and support the culture the gallery supports the female weavers by offering a source of income to the household by supplying them with looms and materials, which may otherwise be quite costly for the villagers. In doing so in 5 different workshops in Anatolia and eastern Anatolia many housewives of the region are now employed.

The companies policy since first established in 1960 has never changed. Revive the art which is a very important part of our culture and history, and introduce it to as many different cultures as possible. Keeping the profit margin at the lowest possible percentage has always been one of the major company policies of The Gallery Anatolia.

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