Silk on Silk Carpets

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The following carpet photos are taken from the books
Turkish Carpets by Ugur Ayyıldız & Turkish Carpets by Metmet Ateş.

Kayseri Silk

Kayseri is one of the most important centers for processing Bursa Silk. the centuries old tradition of carpet weaving has created the best quality, pure silk carpets in Kayseri. Owing to its location right in the center of Anatolia and at the crossroads of trade routes, the district has the highest level of trade and artistic interaction with the East. As Tabriz motifs can be found in Kayseri carpets, countless Turkish motifs have been passed onto Persian carpets via Kayseri.

Kayseri Silk

Hereke Silk
Hereke Silk

In 1891 carpet masters called in from Gördes, Demirci and Sivas by the Ottoman Sulatns, began to work at the workshops established in Hereke. These masters taught their carpet weaving skills to the villagers in the area, thereby transforming the district of Hereke into an important carpet weaving centre. Palace carpets and those to be presented as gifts to foreign statsmen began to be loomed there. These high quality carpets, woven in Bursa silk, are the most prized carpets in the world today. They haev an avarage of 100 knots to the cm2. The warp and the weft as well as the knots are in pure silk, decorated with patterns of the most beautiful flowers (1001 flowers) of nature, such as roses, carnations and tulips.

Fine Silk Carpets

Fine Hereke Silk

The designs and the motifs of fine Hereke silk carpets are products of a 100 year old craft. Some Hereke carpets, which have 225-289-324 and more knots to the square centimeter, have an immeasurable value. These masterpieces of art, produced as a result of years of work by unknown craftsmen, are among the carpets most sought after by collerctors. As each one is unique and original it is very difficult to find the second one of the same type. These silk paintings woven in Hereke, a source of pride for Turkey, are so beautiful that the world's artists can only envy. For silk itself is a symbol of nobility and, combined iwth such fine work, these carpets justifiably preserve the title of "the most precious carpets in the world".



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